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Back On Track

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Back on Track combines modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine, which is supported by scientific studies, to create therapeutic products that help horses, dogs, and people achieve a more active and comfortable life.

Back on Track’s joint and muscle support products are all made of functional textiles with reflective properties. The Welltex technology is infused into the fibers of the products, which uses body energy to create a far infrared thermal effect. Welltex® contains a unique blend of natural minerals that are crushed into a fine powder and then, with the help of modern technology, blended into the threads of the basic material for the fabrics. The minerals capture body heat and convert it into long-wave infrared energy, which is reflected back to your skin, joints and muscles. Infrared energy is known for its ability to increase blood circulation, which can help during recovery from injuries or tense muscles. You get the greatest effect from Welltex® technology during activity when the body temperature rises and the reflection becomes stronger. All products have optimal breathability, which makes them comfortable to use as the heat is not trapped or insulated.

The production takes place in Back on Track factories and each time a new batch is manufactured, an independent university laboratory measures the level of reflected energy and it’s wavelength. This ensures consistency in quality and efficiency.

It is recommended to introduce Back On Track products slowly. Start with 2-4 hours per day for the first 3-5 days to get the body used to the effects. Use your judgement to determine when to use the products longer. The length of introduction time varies between individuals. For best results, after the introduction period, the products can and should be used for longer periods. Every 3-4 weeks it is recommended to stop using the products for 3-6 days to reassess yourself or your animal.

Back on Track products can be used year round. It is recommended to use the products in the cooler parts of the day and for shorter periods of time during the warmer summer months, however, this is your personal preference. Use your best judgement when using Back on Track products on your animals on a hot day.

To clean all Back On Track products, machine wash in warm water using a mild detergent and hang to dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Because the Welltex material is melted into the thread of the product, it will always be effective, no matter how much you have used the products or how many times they have been washed.

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