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Blue Roan Boutique is proud to be a distributor of TheraPlate! 

TheraPlate is the Official Therapy Plate of the U.S. Equestrian, and for good reason. The patented TheraPlate is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury. The TheraPlate is easy to use, proven effective, portable and very affordable. Introducing horses to the TheraPlate is so simple. Horses quickly express that they are enjoying the relaxing and beneficial daily sessions on the TheraPlate.

The TheraPlate is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum, making it lightweight and sturdy. The standard size TheraPlate comes in two parts, each of which weighs 80 pounds, so it’s easy to bring to competitions. TheraPlate has helped horses from almost every discipline stay sound and conditioned. 

TheraPlate units can be used for horses, people, and dogs. Contact Renee at (541) 659-8604 to arrange a no-obligation 3 week trial. Financing is also available and with payments starting at $175 monthly there is simply no reason not to give your horses the TheraPlate advantage. Best of all every TheraPlate is 100% guaranteed or your money back!

The benefits of TheraPlate ...... increases bone density & strength, increases muscle mass, speeds healing time, reduces swelling & inflammation, improves joint health & function, reduces stress, prevents & reduces injuries, increases hoof growth, maintains muscle mass on stalled horses, and counters chronic inflammation. The KEY to any TheraPlate unit is CONSISTENT use. 

Testimonial from Irish Grand Prix Show Jumper Shane Sweetnam:

"After the first time I used the TheraPlate on my Grand Prix horse, he jumped very well and felt quite loose. Since then, we have noticed a difference with all of the horses after using it, and I find that the TheraPlate really has a positive impact on circulation, muscles, and bones. The horses really enjoy it and find it very relaxing. It’s important to find something like this that the horses enjoy — especially when they are in the FEI and in stalls all the time, it is great to find something that doesn’t take up too much space that they can get on and relax. It definitely helps them in more ways than one.”