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BOT Equine Exercise Boots Opal

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Opal Exercise Boots are created with an anatomical design to provide the best possible fit. The soft but sturdy material together with flexible velcro straps make for an easy-to-use, comfortable, and protective fit. These boots will keep legs protected and comfortable for everyday work.

The inside is lined with Welltex® Technology to promote blood flow and provide support to the horse's muscles, tendons, and joints. It gives the horse the best conditions for preparation, performance, and recovery. The filling consists of a durable shock absorbing foam that helps distribute pressure and protect against impact. Perfect for working all disciplines, lunging, and turnout.

Features & Benefits:
• Anatomical fit ensures protection in vulnerable areas
• Shock-absorbing foam distributes pressure and protects against impact
• Heavy-duty Velcro straps will stay secure during the most vigorous work
• Dirt-repellent surface keeps boots looking good
• Mesh bag is perfect as a storage and laundry bag
Boots are available in front or hind.
Sizes: Small, Medium, & Large. See size chart for measurements.

Color:  Black, Brown, Blue, Green, & Burgundy


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